Whistler, British Columbia

Keeping Each Other Well!

For Take-Out Orders Please Call 604-905-6666


We look forward to seeing you walk back through our doors! We’ve certainly missed your smiling faces and our times together. In addition to welcoming you back, there are a few things we want to  share as well as things we must tell you about when you rejoin us in our dining room.

Some of the things we need YOUR help with when you join us….

  • Please wear a mask while entering, exiting as well as anytime you are not seated at your table.
  • Make a reservation for “dining-in” by going to YELP.com.
  • Want to place a take-out order? Please call 604 905 6666.
  • Limit your party size to six (6) and only from your own household.
  • Please stay seated while dining with us; if do have to get up, maintain social distancing.
  • Please leave space at your table for your server to place your food and beverages down

Some of the things we are doing to Keep YOU Well……

  • Requiring all team members to complete “BC FoodSafe” training that focuses on sanitation and modified service procedures.
  • Designated separate “Dine-In” and “Take-Out” entrances.
  • Increased cleaning in bathrooms as well as common areas every 30 minutes along with compliance to our other sanitary and safety processes we have put in place.
  • Limiting our seating capacity for social distancing.

Some of the things we are doing to Keep Our Team Member’s Well….

  • Introduced paid sick leave for all team members in addition to Covid-19 requirements.
  • Conducting Daily Team Member Wellness Checks
  • Practicing social distancing in our work spaces and wearing face masks when we cannot do so.
  • Using designated delivery areas to mitigate the possibilities of cross-contamination.


We know this is different as well as at times seems down right odd but we will do our best to make your time with us seem as normal as possible.  If there any questions or suggestions that you may have while you spend time with us, please don’t hesitate to ask or share.  Together we can Keep Each Other Well!

The Creekbread Story

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada… opened just before the 2010 winter Olympic, right across the street from the finish of Olympic downhill races, Creekbread at Creekside is our first British Columbia effort. What a setting we have to bake flatbreads… in the heart of the Canadian Coast Mountains! Our crew is energized by the surrounding and when you come in, we want to make you happy. The Whistler-Creekside community has shown us tremendous gracious support and it is our job to return it with interest.

Keep Each Other Well, Jay


  • Monday On
  • Tuesday Wednesday!!
  • Wednesday 3:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Thursday 3:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Friday 3:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Saturday 3:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Sunday See You
We are currently offering full dining & take-out Wednesday - Saturdays; Please use the phone number listed at the top of this page to place your order or inquire about seating.

Contact Creekbread

604 905 6666

Our Seating Practices


In our efforts to keep you well, our dining room is by reservations only at this time. We will seat your party as soon as possible once all guests have arrived.  We look forward to seeing you!

Gift a Creekbread
Gift Card Today!

A Creekbread gift card is the perfect way to share Wood Fired Love with friends and family! Please drop by in person, call 604.905.6666 or email hello@Creekbread.com so we may assist you.


Does your card have a PIN number?
You can check the balance online!


Need to check the balance of a card with no PIN? Please call 604.905. 6666  during business hours so we may assist – it really is quick and easy!

Our Community Bakes: PIzza With Purpose!

Part of our mission at Creekbread is to support local organizations that have an impact on our community. The primary way that we accomplish this is through our community benefit nights that are held every Tuesday at each of our hearths.

Click to learn more about our Community Bake: Pizza With Purpose! application.


Creekbread Benefit Bake Info

Join The Creekbread Team

At Creekbread, we believe that employment and advancement is based on your enthusiasm, skills and performance; not politics.  Your gender, your gods, your sex life, your skin color, the fact that you’re a grandparent or who you know don’t make a difference to us. If you are community orientated, believe in supporting local farms, serving real food, empathetic, passionate, smart and good at what you do – come as you are!   We believe diversity should be celebrated which commits us to creating a respectful, inclusive environment for all team members.  If you believe as we do in a workplace that keeps each other well while renewing our spirit and doing a little something to save our planet, then apply today!

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